[Original size] Minimalist General Project Proposal
Copy of Stan and Jane Grad

Chairman's Circle

Alex and Cyndie Baum
Stan and Jane Grad
Green Drop Ltd.
Dale and Merleen Hodgson
Greig and Brenda Nicholls
Travis Peckham
Pat Powell
Glen and Erin Rumpel
Al and Emily Smith
Hank and Carol Swartout
Wood Group – Tudor Ridge Foundation

President's Circle

Graham Becker
Jodi Blain
Dustin and Niki Flundra – Heart of the Horse
Mike and Deb Kaumeyer
Scott and Elan Lees
Neil and Doralis MacKenzie
Ron and Diane Mannix
Bob and Sandra Merkley
Barry and Lorna Mjolsness - Spray Lake Sawmills
Glen and Jeanette Richardson
Simpson Ranching Limited
Doug and Chris Sutton
Bill Turnbull
Wilson M. Beck Insurance

Director's Circle

Scott and Ellen Bolton
CMP Automotive Ltd
Mike and Kathleen Franco
Brad Gustafson
Dallas and Sandy Howe
Fred Mannix
Jim and Tina McKee
Brian McKersie and Campion Swartout
Larry and Patti O’Connor
Ryan and Deanne Robinson
Randy and Jane Royer
David Scott
Mike and Sandra Smith
Greg and Lori Waslen

Member's Circle

Leslie Bissett
Brenda Canal
Shelby Copithorne
Don and Betty Douglas
Cochrane Lions Club
Jon and Monica Horsman
Kent and Marla Hystad
Elaine Moses
Christine Mutagubya
Gord and Bev Phillips
Bob and Shari Sonntag
Rochelle Lynn Design Studio
Cam Clark Ford
Rotary – Stampede Park