Recognizing Evan: Volunteer of the Month

A person standing next to a white horse.

At ROARR, we’re fortunate to have dedicated volunteers like Evan, whose passion for horses and commitment to our community shine through in everything he does. Evan joined us in November, eager to learn more about horse care and to step outside his comfort zone for new adventures and friendships.

Evan’s willingness to learn and his kind, hardworking nature make him a valuable member of our team. He travels from Okotoks to volunteer with us, showing his dedication and generosity. Whether he’s helping with the horses, playing piano at senior lunches, or taking on any task that needs to be done, Evan always does so with a smile.

Interests: Volunteering, Polocross at Okotoks Polocrossclub, working on cars, and hard work.

Why He Started Volunteering at ROARR: To learn more about his future career in horse care, step outside his comfort zone, and experience new adventures and friendships.

Favorite Aspects of Volunteering:

  • Enjoys the breath of fresh air that the horses and community bring.
  • Feels that volunteering at ROARR has taken volunteering and friendship to a new level.
  • Finds fulfillment in his passion for horses.
  • Grateful to Marilyn for showing him the ropes and considers ROARR a place full of loving people that has positively impacted his life.

Evan’s dedication and positive attitude make him a valuable member of the ROARR community. We’re incredibly grateful to have Evan as part of the ROARR family and are thrilled to recognize him as our Volunteer of the Month. Thank you, Evan, for your hard work, generosity, and commitment to making a difference in the lives of others.