What We Do

Our ROARR, a CRA registered charity, offers Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) programs for youth and seniors in need. EAL is an experiential life skills program that helps participants become strong, confident human beings. Participants engage in objective driven exercises and find themselves learning valuable life skills in a fun exciting atmosphere while working with horses. In addition to our EAL programs, participants are able to engage in extra-curricular activities when they visit the ranch. We provide classes, life-coaching sessions, and other life enhancing projects.

Why Horses?

Much like humans, horses are naturally social, generous and patient.

Horses have defined roles within their herds, distinct personalities and they like to have fun. These large animals serve as wonderful relationship role models for individuals of all ages and abilities.

Horses are sensitive to non-verbal communication.

Horses respond immediately to the messages that individuals give them in the moment. Building a relationship with a horse is similar to forming one with another person. Through their interactions with horses, individuals not only become more aware of how they communicate with others, but begin to recognize the consequences of their actions and choices. Learning to trust and communicate with a 1,200 pound animal is very empowering. That, in and of itself, is a memorable experience.

Our Programs

Youth EAL Programs

Our youth EAL programs are an 8-12 week program, once a week, that promotes the development of life skills such as communication, leadership teamwork and more. Youth are empowered, through objective driven exercises, with the horses, to overcome barriers or limitations that they have set for themselves through trauma, social anxieties and limited social development. Horses create an opportunity for youth to develop meaningful, trusting relationships with healthy and recognizable boundaries. Our facilitators then parallel these lessons to the day to day lives of our participants.

Youth Day Camps

Our 3-5 day day camp programs focus on building a connection with the horses to created meaningful trusting relationships. Much like our weekly EAL Programs, our camps have objective driven exercises to promote the development of essential life skills through experiential learning. Our camps also include mindfulness activities, such as yoga, labyrinth walking, journaling and more.

Senior’s Day Out

These two hour outings at the ranch include a catered lunch, time with our therapy horses, entertainment and activities and many stories and laughs!

EAL - Equine Assisted Learning

EAL is an experiential life skills program based on objective driven exercises that promote the development of necessary life skills and aid in personal growth.

Equine Assisted Learning is nationally recognized in Canada and has shown tremendous success with:

  • - Developing meaningful, trusting relationships
  • - Understanding healthy boundaries
  • - Understanding and recognizing the benefits of effective communication
  • - Learning how to work in a team - both as a leader and a team member
  • - Learning to accept responsibility and accountability
  • - Becoming self-aware of the energy participants project
Youth skills development programs work with horses and prepare youth to face challenges with the tools to be successful.

Horses create teachable moments that are a reaction to what is happening in the ’now’. Horses allow participants to let go of the past, forget about the pressures of the future and just be in the moment with them. Our facilitators are trained to design each program strategically to the needs of the group and parallel what they are learning to challenges they may face day to day. Our youth curriculum programs can range between 6-12 sessions.

Horses Deliver Results!

Horses are the ideal teacher because they are so intuitive and sensitive to their surroundings. Once a horse feels confident that they can trust a participant as a leader, they will intently watch for the cues given and complete exercises while being led. This program offers take home value that transfers to real life experiences.

EAL Programs are an educational tool to help develop empathy and kindness as well as combat:

  • - Behavioural disorders
  • - Low self esteem
  • - Bullying
  • - Drug abuse
  • - Illness related to mental health
  • - Unhealthy social development