🌟 ROARR New Season Begins in March – Volunteers Needed! 🌟

Dear ROARR Volunteers,

As spring buds begin to bloom, so too does a new season of hope and healing at ROARR. We are thrilled to announce that our new season starts in March, and with it comes the heartwarming opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those we serve.

Volunteer Opportunities:

This year, we are seeking compassionate volunteers to assist in several key areas:

1. Senior’s Days Lunch Service: Help us bring joy and nourishment to our seniors by serving lunch. Your smile and service can make their day!

2. Miniature Horse Handlers: After lunch, experience the joy of interacting with our miniature horses. This unique opportunity allows you to help care for and manage these gentle creatures.

3. Youth-at-Risk Program Horse Handlers: We need dedicated volunteers to prepare and groom our horses for the youth-at-risk programs. Your efforts will directly support the healing and growth of young individuals in need.

4. Feeding Our Heroes – The Horses: Our horses are not just animals but heroes to many. Sign up to feed them and receive their unconditional love in return. It’s a rewarding experience that you won’t forget.

Important Information:

– The detailed schedule will be released soon, but we encourage you to sign up now to receive alerts for scheduling and orientation sessions.

– Your early commitment helps us plan better and ensures we can continue to offer these invaluable services.

Thank You:

Your involvement in ROARR is more than just volunteering; it’s a commitment to making a difference in the world. We cannot express enough gratitude for your willingness to serve. Remember, we cannot do this without you. Your support, time, and love are what make ROARR a beacon of hope for so many.

Please sign up now for alerts or email any questions to [email protected]. Let’s make this season the most impactful yet!

With heartfelt thanks,