“IN THE SPOTLIGHT” October Volunteer: Cathy Morrison


October Volunteer


Occupation:  Registered Nurse, Calgary Children’s Hospital

ROARR is fortunate to have committed and talented volunteers who donate their time, resources, and special gifts to help us out! This month, we’d like to introduce you to Cathy Morrison, in the spotlight for October! Cathy is a passionate and caring person who energetically volunteers  at our fundraisers and special events for underprivileged kids and seniors.

ROARR: Thank you for being such an enthusiastic volunteer! Could you share what you do when you aren’t helping us out?

CM: I am a Registered Nurse. I work at Alberta Children’s Hospital at one of the inpatient units. I also work in the Nephrology Clinic as one of the Pediatric Hemodialysis nurses.

ROARR: Where were you born?

CM: Guelph, Ontario

ROARR: What are some of your favorite activities?

CM: Horseback riding and spending time with my three horses: Bailey, Zan. And P.T., whether it is training, dressage lessons, Cowboy Challenge, or working with cattle.

ROARR: What is a favorite childhood memory?

CM: Learning to drive a tractor at age nine! It was then a pickup truck shortly afterward. I hadn’t yet learned how to shift gears, so I drove it down the road to our other farm—in first gear! I did figure it all out quite quickly, though….

ROARR: What might someone be surprised to know about you?

CM: I grew up on a dairy farm. One of my chores was to milk a herd of cows. A couple of those Holsteins was not the complacent “Bessie”…they were downright cranky. To this day, I do not believe there is a cow that I cannot milk.

ROARR: What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?

CM: Some days, getting out of bed is hard, especially when it’s 5:30 a.m, with a 12-hour shift ahead of me. But, I get to work with children and families in a career that I love.

ROARR: Which ROARR event is the most memorable for you?

CM: All of the events that I have helped with are memorable, what was very special to me was when I met someone at RiverCross Ranch that I was then able to connect to the mother of one of my young patients at ACH. This person was then in turn, able to help this family in immeasurable ways. It had such an impact on his recovery from a devastating illness.

Kudos to you, Cathy, for your fierce determination to secure for ROARR a significant donation from the Calgary Regional Trail Riders. Thanks, Cathy for your support!