“IN THE SPOTLIGHT” October Volunteer: Cathy Morrison



This Month We have Two Amazing People To Celebrate

Dave and Lorraine Robinson

Thank to both Dave and Lorraine for being such loyal and supportive volunteers. ROARR is very blessed to have them in our family. Let’s get to know them both a bit better…….

Where did you  first met and explain the family connection?

Lorraine’s aunt Kay Hunter married Dave’s uncle, Louis Copithorne and they lived 1/2 mile west of RCR. While growing up, Lorraine spent time there and in the winter of 1969 she came to live in their home and be a substitute teacher at the Springbank school. After only a few dates, Dave and Lorraine knew they belonged together and got engaged at Christmas that year!

Dave, you grew up at Val Vista Ranch. What are your memories of the hill where ROARR’s headquarters, RiverCross Ranch, is now located?

Dave recalls the days in the 1940’s & 50’s when the hill where RCR is located was covered with groves of willows and poplars. There was good shelter for calving the cows in the spring. Horse drawn hay racks were used to haul in straw and hay for the cows to bed down and if a calf needed extra care, Dave had designed a sled to take pull the calf down to the barn…momma would follow behind! An old unused irrigation ditch ran just to the west of the house and wild strawberries could be found here in the summer.  Dave also recalls how quiet and peaceful it was before the days of the TransCanada Hwy. as there were only a couple of neighbours who ever drove by.

 If you could have an all-expenses paid trip to visit anywhere in the world, where would you go? Why?

Both Dave and Lorraine would choose Israel if they were offered an all-expense trip anywhere in the world because this amazing, fascinating land is so central to history and their Christian faith.

What would someone be surprised to know about you?

You might be surprised to know that Dave would have liked to be a world-class equestrian rider. He has attended events at Spruce Meadows ever since it opened, and regrets that he didn’t find a way to learn the sport of horse jumping for himself.

Lorraine says her life is an open book and there are no hidden surprises!

ROARR’S mission is to benefit other’s by utilizing horses with activities, horsemanship, and therapeutic sessions. Did you ever have a favorite horse while living on the ranch? If so, what made the horse so special?

Dave had two favourite ranch horses. The first was Black Beauty, which his mother Irene had ridden to school, and which he started riding from age 3! Dave also rode Black Beauty to school, 2 miles west of the ranch, for 3 years, before being bused to Springbank. His other favourite was Desert Dawn, his mum’s 1/2 Arab, which he rode bareback just for fun because he was a fast, smart horse!

What is your favorite thing to do for fun?

Enjoying time with our 9 grandchildren brings us a lot of pleasure. For vacation fun, a good beach and ocean swimming are hard to beat!