“IN THE SPOTLIGHT” September Volunteer: Kevin Wilson

September Volunteer

Famously known for his saying “HERE SHE COMES!”
Occupation: General Manager, Green Drop Rock Products

Commencing this month, ROARR will introduce our supporters to an outstanding volunteer of the month. It was unanimous that our September spotlight would be Kevin Wilson, AKA “Santa Claus”, “Head Fire Chief”, “Head Chef”, and, on numerous occasions, “Black Bart.” We sat down with Kevin over coffee in Cochrane to get to know a wee bit more about this cheerful Brit.
Place of Birth: A mining village in Northeast England, UK – close to Sunderland
Moved to Canada: 1971, to the coal mining village of Grand Cache, Alberta when he was 13 years old!

ROARR: What is a fond childhood memory?
K.W.: Selling sticks from my bicycle to local villagers. When a house is
heated by coal, you start the coal with a layer of newspaper and
kindling (sticks).

ROARR: How do you describe yourself?
K.W.: A Gruff, Gentle Giant.

ROARR: What are your favorite activities?
K.W.: Calgary Flames Hockey team, Las Vegas trips, Jackpot (my dog), and my garden gnomes.

ROARR: You have been Santa for a long time to various charities, companies, telethons, hospitals, and private groups. How did this happen?
K.W.: I bought a suit in 1982 from Simpson Sears, and have loved being
Santa in the United States, the U.K., and Canada. I feel like I have
something to give to others when I’m Santa…I know that a bunch of “littles” add to create something big, and I’m grateful to be help to

ROARR: What attracts you to ROARR?
K.W.: The willingness of the staff and volunteers to help older seniors, and
also, kids, who are financially lacking. I feel like I’m part of the ROARR
team when we help these people in a beautiful ranch setting.


ROARR: What do you do as a volunteer for ROARR?
K.W.: Anything that they ask, I do! … I am grateful and happy to do it.


ROARR: Can you share a favorite memory of a ROARR event?
K.W.: Two immediately come to mind. When we hosted Inn from the Cold for a Christmas party, there was an arts and crafts activity hour for the children. One little girl came up to me after and gave me a Christmas gift. She painted me a rock and said, “I love you, Santa.”

At another Christmas party for seniors, the older women would NOT
get off my knee. They wanted me for Christmas!